About TTP n' Whatnot

The Thanks Project started off as the the brainchild of a rather ungrateful teenage boy who realized he needed to show appreciation for the wonderful things he has in his life. Then a friend of his asked if she could add her two cents from time to time, and then another friend asked.
Now there are three people writing here. Two of them are beautiful, wonderful ladies, and one is a rather annoying teenage boy.

The way it works:
Every day, ASL will write something that he is thankful for in an attempt to keep himself humble, happy, and appreciative.
Every once in a while, ASL's friends, Bird and Happy Girl, will also write something they are grateful for because they're grateful people and want to share with you readers their glory and brilliance.

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Some things:

Every once in a while, people may be written about on this blog. Generally, we won't use names, and if we do, we will either use pseudonyms or not use the full name of the subject.

There will be times when I may write a post about something you don't like. Cool. We're human. We have differing points of view. Please do not leave rude comments.

Any comments with profanity will be deleted.

Any comments that act like salespeople will be deleted.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, emotional outbursts, love letters, or hate mail, please send it to thethanksproject@gmail.com.

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